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True & Lasting Success Today Requires Individual AND Group Performance. Ideas and Resources for Action (Part 2 of 2)

 Today it is widely understood that EVERY business possesses a company “culture.”  


That culture is passed on to new employees.


It is a by-product of all actions by leadership and all other participants in the business, resulting in “the way we do things around here.”


It includes everything attended to (and not attended to) by the people in that company — and the effects of those actions upon the people involved, both internal and external to the company (employees, customers, suppliers, and the like).


Every culture possesses momentum, for good and/or for ill.


Company culture DIRECTLY effects all areas of that company’s operations that are in any way touched or influenced by people.  



This includes how opposite business interests are actually integrated, such as an internal focus on operations versus an external focus on meeting market demands,



or maintaining necessary operational



versus engaging in adaptive change,


 and so forth.


In addition to all of the above is the additional fact that all individuals possess preferences and talents. 


Simultaneously, none of us is “all knowing” or equally skilled at everything.  


This includes ALL company stakeholders, leadership as well as employees, consumers as well as suppliers.


Johari WindowFocus-BlindSpotThe upshot of this fact is that EVERY individual in an organization possesses “blind spots” in their awareness — areas of potentially important and valuable understanding in which that individual does not excel.

Again, this applies to each and every company stakeholder.


A truly supportive and effective business culture is the key to establishing the company circumstances and conditions where all members chose and act in a manner that will STRATEGICALLY support your company’s mission and vision at all times — because they want to!


Your culture can actually engage and support individuals to contribute their talents (strengths) in combination with others who possess different talents and strengths, and to do this in a coordinated fashion that truly supports strategic and timely company achievements across time and circumstances.


Many of the challenges faced by humanity today will only be successfully addressed if the organizations addressing these issues have the kinds of business cultures that enable participants to actually achieve and maintain the desired results!


There is no way around the above facts.  


To put these circumstances to your company’s advantage, you must tackle the issues consciously and head on.  


How can you do this?


Lead the pack!


My colleague, Tim Kuppler of CultureUniversity, recently completed an informal analysis of search terms utilized by business executives.  His analysis indicates that


“business culture” is an under-utilized search term currently used by business executives who are exploring their options for maximizing their business performance today.


This circumstance is expected to change in the near future.

CEOSearchInterestsYou have the option of turning these present circumstance into your competitive business advantage by becoming ONE OF THOSE LEADERS who IS FOCUSING on YOUR company’s cultural operations.


You’d best do this sooner than later.



Our website provides a wealth of knowledge and specific ideas that you can utilize to your advantage immediately.



Don’t miss the culture resources we shared with you in Part 1 of this two-part blog entry.  You are welcome to engage these resources directly.


Or talk to us about these resources and how you might take advantage of them.



Here are some additional resources to whet your whistle further!


Change Catalysts: People Who Lead.  Change That Sticks.  Results That Matter.  



Barbara Trautline is principal and founder of Change Catalysts.  She authored the book Change Intelligence: Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change that Sticks and is the originator of the CQ®/Change Intelligence® System.


At her website, you can download two FREE Chapters from her book.                                    ChngIntllgncBook,Trautline


Best Practices


LdngCltrChng(DenisonBook)Leading Culture Change in Global Organizations: Aligning Culture & Strategy


Daniel Denison, the founder of Denison Consulting LLC, has published a book describing leading-edge challenges and effective responses in the global business scene today.  Click the picture for more information and to order your copy, if you wish.





Denison Consulting Annual Best Practices Forum, DelRay Beach, FL.

This is an annual event that is just as amazing as it is highly informative.  The Keynote Speaker for 2014’s event was Dave Brandon, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, University of Michigan.  He is also Chairman of Domino’s Pizza.  Click on the logo to learn more!


Would you like access to research results concerning culture and performance?


In regard to “higher-level” motivators, such as conscientiousness, excellence, learning, and sharing:


Denison Logo > Visit websiteCheck out the Denison Consulting Research Network, via their website or by means of the Denison Research Network on LinkedIn.


In regard to “lower-level” motivators, to reduce valid but preventable employee distractions:


IdentityTheftImageDid you know that employee distractions, due to legal and identity theft situations, are increasingly making it difficult for employees to handle the paperwork, phone calls and the money required to resolve an issue without cutting into work time?  Read the Harris Report to learn more.


View a Decision Analyst study concerning the Legal Needs of American Families.


See our webpage about effective solutions for your you and your employees — at no cost to you, their employer.

Are there other business culture performance improvement resources that you’d like to share with us? 

Please do (via comment)!


Meanwhile, I wish you continuing success in ALL that YOU do!



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  1. Comment by Tim:

    Thanks for sharing these great resources and thank you for referencing my informal study. It also helps to understand some of the foundation concepts from Edgar Schein like he shares in The Corporate Culture Survival Guide and very interesting concepts in his more recent book, Humble Inquiry – The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling.

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