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True & Lasting Success Today Requires Individual AND Group Performance. Ideas and Resources for Action (Part 2 of 2)

 Today it is widely understood that EVERY business possesses a company “culture.”   < That culture is passed on to new employees. < It is a by-product of all actions by leadership and all other participants in the business, resulting in “the way we do things around here.” < It includes everything attended to (and […]

My Praise for (and links to) THE CULTURE ADVANTAGE by Tim Kuppler

My Recommendation of (and link to) THE CULTURE ADVANTAGE (2013) by Tim Kuppler. To begin, I must admit to some initial personal skepticism.  Yet another book on business culture that describes as its Unique Value Proposition precisely what I’ve thought has already been well described by others and, therefore, is pretty well known.  This would […]

My Book’s Present Back Cover Working Draft!

I have edited my book’s back cover draft to now this.  Is my message clear and enticing?  What is missing?  Feedback welcome!  ~Norman Create a high-performance company with less guess-work! You’ve been hearing that, “Business culture eats strategy for lunch!” Create your own high-performance company culture, eliminating guess-work, to more effortlessly & effectively achieve competitive […]

My Upcoming Book’s Core Concept & 6 Main Supporting Concepts

This weekend, by participating in Alicia Dunham’s “Bestseller in a Weekend” eBootcamp, I plan to complete my next book!  Tell me what you think (as I write), below! My core book topic: By reading this book, business owners will discover how to achieve competitive & sustainable “center stage” performance in their industry, more effortlessly & […]

I am currently engaged in writing my next book!

To my network: I am currently engaged in writing my next book! I am working on my back-cover bio and would like your feedback: How can I make this better? Integral systems performance psychologist Dr. Norman Jentner focuses on globally-vetted high-performance business methods and results applicable to mid-market and smaller industries. His association with Denison […]