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True & Lasting Success Today Requires Individual AND Group Performance. Ideas and Resources for Action (Part 1 of 2).

“True and lasting success” in our globalizing world can constructively be considered in terms of individuals’ satisfactions as members of groups, little and big, who are successfully making constructive differences that matter in our world.  No?


Individual success has to do with

personal health & well-being        relationships

resources      meaning      conscientiousness 

constructive feedback       and more.IndivPerf2


Team2Group success has to do, increasingly, with

agile and strategic group performance 

to achieve triple bottom-line results (profits, people, & planet) 

to meet the growing expectations of all stakeholders.  



Individual and group sustainability can most adaptively be achieved when individuals are embedded in healthy and effective “workplace cultures” that will truly support the triple bottom-line.


“Culture eats strategy for lunch!”CultureEatsStrategy


How do you create a truly effective workforce culture?


Here are a variety of options you can utilize to begin or continue your exploration of harnessing your company’s culture to advantage.  


Your options range from simple to obviously more complex.


All of the options we provide you enable you to create a more high-performance company culture, with less guess-work, to more effortlessly & effectively achieve competitive & sustainable center-field performance in your industry.


Business Culture Solutions LLC.

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One option is to check out our home page at


Here you can click on the variety of links that interest you, to begin expanding your understandings and to connect to additional resources you can put to advantage on behalf of your company.


You can also use our website search function (located in the top right side-bar of our home page) to search for specific keywords or phrases that interest you.


You might also find blog entries, from members of our community, that will interest you.


We invite you to also check out MEMBERS OF OUR PROFESSIONAL NETWORK — each of them experts in their own way in the promotion of exemplary business success through the creation of effective and sustainable business cultures — all of them potential partners with Business Culture Solutions LLC on your behalf.


Here are a few of our favorites (with more coming in Part 2 of this blog entry):


To deliver sustainable performance with clarity and speed: 


(which I cannot recommend enough!)

Kuppler, Tim; Garnett, Ted; Morehead, Tom (2013) Build the Culture Advantage: Deliver sustainable performance with clarity and speed.


At their website, you can obtain a FREE COPY of the BOOK SUMMARY.

You can order the book and/or workbook, too.



Culture University — Build the Culture Advantage  

Sign up to be notified

when Culture University launches in January 2014!



Engineering alternatives to “culture clash” in situations of ownership and leadership transition: 


LeaderOnBoardingLeader OnBoarding: Alignment. Culture. Results.

Linda Reese is the Managing Partner of Leader OnBoarding, Inc.

You can also read about Linda’s work on our webpage.


OEOC,KSUPromotingCULTURES OF OWNERSHIP: the Ohio Employee Ownership Center

 Chris Cooper, Program Director.


Satisfy your employees’ “lower level motivators” — at no cost to you — so you can engage their “higher-level” motivations with less distraction for increased company performance at less cost.


Parallel Horizons Group

PHG-SkipGParallel Horizons Group is comprised of a knowledgable group of entrepreneurs, centered in Northeast Ohio, focused on how cutting-edge legal and identity theft protection products can help you, your business, and your employees.  Here’s their  Facebook page.


Are there other business culture performance improvement resources that you might share with us?  If so, please do!

We welcome your comments.

In upcoming Blog #2 of 2, we will provide you even more resources.  In the meantime, I wish you continuing success in ALL that YOU do!



  1. Comment by Tim:

    Thank you for the great list and for including and 2014 is going to be a great year for culture work!

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