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Problem Bucket

What Keeps You Awake at Night?

… insufficient cash flow | disappointment | distrust | insufficient info | wrong information | outdated tools | wrong people | too much info | not enough time | venders | expectations | resistance …

You are welcome to e-mail Dr. J or give us a call at 330-472-2559 to schedule a free, private, introductory consult.

What is the biggest problem you are facing?

People, processes, or technology?  Here, at Business Culture Solutions LLC, our primary  focus is on people and process solutions.  This can also effect technology.

For example, do you face high employee turn-over, poor moral, reduced productivity, unreliable quality, reduced profit margin, reduced market share, or what?  You may be  facing a whole systems people or process problem.

Or perhaps you are facing challenges with a particular group of people?  This group might be a particular unit of your organization, or particular shift of operations, with one or more particular classifications of employees, a shop floor or field team, a management team, a subset of customers or suppliers, or other stakeholders.

Or are you facing challenges with a specific individual?  Examples here could include frustratingly unresolved issues with a key management team member, or other key stakeholder.

Whatever level of a people-process problem or challenge you face, you can trust the privacy and professionalism provided by Dr. J and his company, Business Culture Solutions LLC.  After all, Dr. J has been providing constructive, confidential consultations for all three levels of challenges for more than 22 years now!

You are welcome to e-mail Dr. J or give us a call at 330-472-2559 to schedule a free, private,  introductory consult.

Challenges Already Solved for Clients by Dr. Jentner and his Associates: 

Employee involvement:

“I am getting tired of pulling people along!  I’d like more employees to lead more effectively alongside me!  But how?”

“How can we develop more effective team-work?”

“How do we empower our company employees to think and act more like real stakeholders in this company’s future?”

Quality and consistency:

“How often do things “fall between the cracks”?

“How do we obtain greater diversity of perspective at the table?”

“How can we ensure the right information gets where it is needed in a timely way?”

“Do our core values guide our people in their day-to-day activities?”

Organizational adaptability:

“Why the resistance to change?  What’s getting in the way of action?”

“How do we encourage more appropriate risk-taking and innovation?”

“Are we tracking the right metrics?”

“How do we provide feedback to each other in a way that will lead to truly constructive solutions?”

Vision, direction, goals, buy-in:

“How might we encourage increased interest and buy-in by our employees?”

“How well are our long-term purpose and direction tied to strategy in people’s minds?”

“Are we including the right people?”

You are invited, if you would like, to post a question or comment below, to which our readers can respond.