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The Pre-eminent Business Challenge of Today: Building Workplace Cultures of Tomorrow Today

In today’s Information Age, the world as we know it is changing around us with increasing acceleration.  Advances in understanding are unfolding in every dimension of human activity!

Nevertheless, many businesses today are operating according to standards, procedures and technologies developed more than twenty years ago.

Processes, technologies and expectations of five years ago are out-dated.

Business today is not the same as business last year!

As business leaders, we have many more options, of not only technology and processes that we can implement, but also — fortunately — in terms of how we engage co-participants in our business enterprises.

Why do I write, “fortunately”?

I write, “fortunately,” because, as I listen these days to concerns people express, what I do not hear are expressions of concern over our ability to continue to evolve and advance technologically.  What I do hear are people expressing concerns over the impacts of these technologies upon the processes of our daily lives and upon future generations, if not also upon our planet.

And I ask, “Who is in charge of the purposes for which our technologies are developed, for how safely these technologies are developed and for how the benefits of these technologies are made accessible to the peoples of the world?

I also ask, “What about you?  Where do your greatest uncertainties for our collective future lie?  With technological development?  Associated processes?  Or people?”  I invite your comments to this post.

Next Post:  Emerging and more advanced options for how we engage co-participants in our business enterprises.

My best.



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