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Opportunities for Enhanced Performance and Lasting Success

PerformanceWhen company culture is viewed in terms of organizational performance, the consideration is how effectively people in your organization relate to other key people and to your key business interests.

This includes relations with suppliers, customers, and other company stakeholders.


How consistently and effectively have people been empowered to think and act constructively like owners of your company?

Business culture impacts how effectively your people, information, processes and technology are integrated within your organization to define and meet organizational goals over time.


Cultures of Performance, Short- and Long-term

Dr. Jentner, at Business Culture Solutions, LLC, is a professional member of the increasingly world-renowned  Denison Consulting Network.

The Denison culture model and assessment tools

  • were designed and have been demonstrated to link key in-house people-to-people behaviors to a variety of important business outcomes, including profitability, shareholder value, customer satisfaction, innovation, sales growth, and employee satisfaction.
  • can help organizations and leaders understand how their regular activities impact bottom-line performance, and how to strategically up-level their in-house actions, organization-wide.


Dr. Jentner is also very pleased to professionally associate with Tim Kuppler of and at  CltrU-Jan2014

The advantages to you of your securing Tim’s newly published Build the Culture Advantage text and workbook will be incredibly obvious to you upon your checking out this link.  If you order the text and/or workbook and use the coupon code of “Norman Jentner” you will receive a 20% discount.


Dependent upon your needs, Business Culture Solutions enables you to engage in

  • “simple” (introductory), yet powerful AscendingProgressGraphedperformance improvements;
  • “high involvement” strategic culture improvements that engage your entire organization, beginning with leadership, in gaining a better understanding of

Team1(1) your present workplace culture,

(2) the links between culture, actions, and performance,

(3) strategic company actions that will improve both your company’s culture and your company’s performance.



A variety of published research studies describe this link to performance.  For an introduction to research demonstrating the strong link between organizational culture as measured by the Denison tools and organizational performance, click here.


You have extremely simple options.

For example, you can start with a focus on cost-effectively protecting your employees’ personal and family resilience options.

We are especially fond of, and encourage your serious consideration of, a pair of nontraditional voluntary employee benefits provided by one of our favorite and most trusted vendors.  At no out-of-pocket cost to your company, they can be utilized stand-alone or bundled for extra savings and advantage to your company and employees.

By your empowering your employees to more effectively satisfy their basic motives — at no direct cost to yourself — you empower your employees to apply their higher-level motives on the job to company advantage.  Your employees are able to focus, without distractions, and with gratitude, on their work.

What Opportunities Are You Considering?

Please let us know what challenges and/or opportunities you face.

You may e-mail us or call us privately at 330-472-2559.  We can offer an initial complimentary consultation.

Or post your comments for public discussion in the box below where our readers can get back to you.

We appreciate your interest and  input.

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