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Vacation Reflections About Top-Notch School Performance

Posted August 29, 2016 By Norman Jentner

I recently took three weeks, entirely away from my work routines, to relax, engage with friends and family, and reflect. < This afforded me opportunity to reflect upon numerous school settings to which I have been exposed and upon the work accomplished by the many dedicated professionals I’ve met in these schools. < I am so positively […]

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Vacation Reflections

Posted August 15, 2016 By Norman Jentner

Recently I took three weeks away from my regular work routines. < Instead, I traveled and interacted with strangers, new acquaintances, friends, and family in Ohio, Washington, and Idaho, plus in British Columbia. < My vacation afforded me opportunity to engage with homeless people, working poor, middle class, and with economic elites. < My experiences […]

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Schools and school systems are scrambling to integrate social and emotional learning (“SEL”) into their curriculum, this is in addition to core academics — for many good reasons. < In my own participation in and observations of myriads of classrooms across a variety of public primary, middle, and high schools over the years, I’ve participated […]

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Cunningham Elementary, a diverse school nestled in south-central Austin, Texas, has recognized the importance of SEL for many years, but lacked a cohesive program, implementing only diffuse or informal pieces. – Now, with support from the district, teachers and administrators are fitting those pieces together to create a unified approach to SEL, embedded in all […]

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I obtained the following information as part of the “grand tip” that I receive as a function of my volunteer work. < The personal conclusions I share are my own conclusions and are not to be confused with the “grand tip” (the information) itself. < Here is a gripping 27-minute historical account (with actual movie […]

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The 2016 televised Iowa Primary caucuses and New Hampshire Primary coffee shop discussions have provided wonderful glimpses into the U.S. of A. as a working democracy-in-progress. < I also received a gripping glimpse into how some participants may be using only part of their full minds, remaining gripped by fear of change and the unknown. […]

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Wow!  This past week I (Dr. J) discovered The Wallace Foundation’s January 2013 Wallace Perspective, < “the first of a series of reports looking at school leadership and how it is best developed and supported.” < The Wallace Foundation supports efforts to improve leadership in public schools, having funded projects in 28 states and numerous […]

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Foundations of High Performance Learning Cultures

Posted November 30, 2015 By Norman Jentner

Do you require continuous learning by and among your employees and associates to maintain relevance and timeliness for your services or product offerings? < Does your organization require continuously agile and discretionary decision making to ensure appropriate design, creation, or delivery of products or services? < Are industry standards continuously changing, to which you and […]

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All businesses, < including not-for-profit and government institutions, < face accelerating and ever-increasing expectations and competition today.   < < Driving this are four key factors: < increasingly more effective technologies; < more effective technological and human processes; < more effectively engaged people; and < increasing abilities to respond more effectively to continuously evolving customer/client […]

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Or is this greater apparent openness due to a primary focus on “the whole person,” rather than on select products and services? < Over the past year, I have begun to apply my company’s new brand to not only the private business-to-business sector, but now also to public school arenas in Ohio and Colorado. < […]

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