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All businesses, < including not-for-profit and government institutions, < face accelerating and ever-increasing expectations and competition today.   < < Driving this are four key factors: < increasingly more effective technologies; < more effective technological and human processes; < more effectively engaged people; and < increasing abilities to respond more effectively to continuously evolving customer/client […]

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Or is this greater apparent openness due to a primary focus on “the whole person,” rather than on select products and services? < Over the past year, I have begun to apply my company’s new brand to not only the private business-to-business sector, but now also to public school arenas in Ohio and Colorado. < […]

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Volunteer Work with a Grand Tip

Posted August 3, 2015 By Norman Jentner

For more than two years I have respectfully declined multiple invitations to seriously consider applying my “conflict as opportunity©” philosophy and skills specifically within public K-12 school settings.  I believed I had “more important” business consultation engagements to pursue in the private sector. < Volunteer Work Can Often Be So Precious < I decided last […]

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STEM findings suggest that you will operate at your personal best, with optimal sustainability, when you pro-actively and regularly invest in your own peace of mind. < We each will operate at our individual best, with optimal sustainability, when we can < take personal responsibility for HOW we invest in our own peace, building upon […]

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“Conflict as opportunity” requires respect. No?

Posted May 6, 2015 By Norman Jentner

I recently completed a personally time-consuming review and deeper analysis of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) understandings related to human performance. < My STEM analysis included examination of how our Central Nervous System (CNS) hierarchically triages its finite resources automatically. < These automatic responses are faster than thought and are dependent upon our immediate interpretation […]

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My Personal Story (brief snibbit) and Amazing Discovery

Posted March 15, 2015 By Norman Jentner

I grew up in greater Cleveland, Ohio — the U. S. Midwest, the heart of “Mom, country, and apple pie.” < My father and mother taught me to be responsible, to work for my accomplishments, and to constructively consider others in the process.  I was particularly interested in math and science, taking all the courses […]

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Are you working too hard? Not hard enough? Too fast? Not fast enough? Right focus? What’s up? – I have been an adaptable and successful trailblazer most of my adult life in most of my chosen professional paths, all of them to address compelling human need. – In every case, my professional activities have kept […]

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Peace of Mind for Peak Performance” (Part I)

Posted January 4, 2015 By Norman Jentner
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Are You Focused on Making a Difference, with Competitive Advantage? < If you are focused on making a difference with competitive advantage, you already do and must continue to focus, one way or another, on developing you and your team’s peak performance. < Am I right or wrong?  < < < For your peak performance, […]

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Peak – Peace – Performance. (Post 1)

Posted December 13, 2014 By Norman Jentner

Our company is re-branding! “Peace of Mind for Peak Performance” amidst “Differences as Opportunities” and “Bridges to Business Culture Advantages” (Part I). I (Norman) have recently come to recognize the “silver thread,” well, actually, more like the “silver–copper–gold–fiber-optic braid,” that best defines what I have been doing for 25+ years professionally, when in my own […]

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