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All businesses, including not-for-profit and government institutions, face accelerating and ever-increasing expectations and competition today.   < Driving these increased expectations and competition are four key factors: < increasingly more effective technologies; < more effective technological and human processes; < more effectively engaged people; and < the ability to more effectively respond to continuously evolving […]

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Or is this greater apparent openness due to a primary focus on “the whole person,” rather than on select products and services? < Over the past year, I have begun to apply my company’s new brand to not only the private business-to-business sector, but now also to public school arenas in Ohio and Colorado. < […]

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Volunteer Work with a Grand Tip

Posted August 3, 2015 By Norman Jentner

For more than two years I have respectfully declined multiple invitations to seriously consider applying my “conflict as opportunity©” philosophy and skills specifically within public K-12 school settings.  I believed I had “more important” business consultation engagements to pursue in the private sector. < Volunteer Work Can Often Be So Precious < I decided last […]

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Personal peak performance interests you, no? < I sure has me. < As a child, I thought it made perfect sense to focus on enhancing my personal performance by < exercising and practicing to enhance my sports performance personally prioritizing listening and studying for academic performance. < As I entered adulthood, I continued with my […]

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“Conflict as opportunity” requires respect. No?

Posted May 6, 2015 By Norman Jentner

I recently completed a personally time-consuming review and deeper analysis of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) understandings related to human performance. < My STEM analysis included examination of how our Central Nervous System (CNS) hierarchically triages its finite resources automatically.  These automatic responses are faster than thought and are dependent upon our immediate interpretation of […]

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My Personal Story (brief snibbit) and Amazing Discovery

Posted March 15, 2015 By Norman Jentner

I grew up in greater Cleveland, Ohio — the U. S. Midwest. My family taught me to be responsible, to work for my accomplishments, and to constructively consider others in the process.  I was particularly interested in math and science, taking all the courses I could in high school, and I performed well.  I was […]

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Are you working too hard? Not hard enough? Too fast? Not fast enough? Right focus? What’s up? I have been an adaptable and successful trailblazer most of my adult life in most of my chosen professional paths, all of them to address compelling human need. In every case, my professional activities have kept me focused […]

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Peace of Mind for Peak Performance” (Part I)

Posted January 4, 2015 By Norman Jentner
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Are You Focused on Making a Difference, with Competitive Advantage? If you are focused on making a difference with competitive advantage, you already do and must continue to focus, one way or another, on developing you and your team’s peak performance. < Am I right or wrong?  For your peak performance, you must also include […]

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Peak – Peace – Performance. (Post 1)

Posted December 13, 2014 By Norman Jentner

Our company is re-branding! “Peace of Mind for Peak Performance” amidst “Differences as Opportunities” and “Bridges to Business Culture Advantages” (Part I). I (Norman) have recently come to recognize the “silver thread,” well, actually, more like the “silver–copper–gold–fiber-optic braid,” that best defines what I have been doing for 25+ years professionally, when in my own […]

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Ownership + Engagement = Organizational Alchemy

Posted October 11, 2014 By Norman Jentner

“Thinking like an owner” is structural as well as attitudinal/behavioral.   The vast majority of private entrepreneurial companies in North America and elsewhere are closely held.  This means that only those people who actually gathered their resources for the specific purpose of founding the company, often putting all they had on the line — or those […]

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