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Employees as long-term investments.

How would you like to positively embarrass your employees with unusually good fortune, during these economically challenging times, and simultaneously and powerfully add value to your business enterprise!  You can do this at a near nominal cost, yet on average you can expect a 3- to 7-times return on your investment!

You have a variety of options, to satisfy a variety of business needs:

If your company is in “survival mode,” grateful to still be in operation, but running lean and mean, demanding more from fewer employees, with limited or no capital for well-earned raises:  Provide meaningful acknowledgement through memorable invigoration of your hard-working personnel — even when there is no money for meaningful raises!

Does your company need to reduce employee health-care costs?  What if you could simultaneously contribute to your employees’ work-life balance, their emotional and physical health, reduce employee sick-leave rates and medical costs, and increase quality of performance on the job?  And reduce overall company costs?  And increase employee loyalty to you and your organization for having made this available to them ?

Would your company benefit from an employee morale boost?  Are your employees among those who have already suffered reduced pay raises, reduced pay, a reduction in hours, reduced health-care benefits, and/or reduced retirement-plan contribution benefits, as a function of the difficult economy?  Have lay-offs occurred already, having a demoralizing effect upon the survivors?  What if you could give your employees “more than money can buy,” increasing their gratitude and loyalty toward you?

Do you want to increase employee productivity?  Staff levels are already lean, no?  Stress levels are higher, no?    Almost anything you can do to meaningfully reduce your employees’ stress levels in general could make a real difference for your business, not only in terms of gratitude and loyalty to you, their employer, but also increasing employee performance.  But don’t stop there!

Looking for a way to incentivize top performers?  We can provide you access to memorable incentives for employees, suppliers or customers!  Now, add to this very little money, time or administrative investment by your company.

How about retain (and attract?) top talent?  With so many employees feeling so vulnerable right now, this is an opportune time for employers to deepen loyalty.  Historically, voluntary quit rates by employees have risen on average 30% when an economy begins to rebound (Harvard Business Review, 2008).  How do you retain necessary talent currently, with very limited funds, so that, when the economy does re-bound, you will not be too understaffed to cash in on the opportunities that will unfold?  Hang on to talent you want to keep by offering them an inherent “Yes!” option that is fun, provides valuable memories, and an enhanced work-life balance!

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