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Leveraging “the Original Wellness Benefit” to Company Advantage

We offer to you a new-to-the-market, low-cost, inherent “Yes!” non-traditional voluntary employee benefit designed to improve employee work-life balance — interestingly, through having a uniquely qualified form of fun!

VacationsYour leveraging this “Original Wellness Benefit” (go ahead, google it!) could be the single most powerful action you might take this year to provide financial advantage to your company with limited investment on your part!

This non-traditional benefit provides high value to your company by providing a unique type of high value to your employees.

Your business financials will improve as a function of saving and earning more money.

Save more money by actually


  • Decreasing employee sick-leave rates
  • Decreasing employee medical costs
  • Retaining top talent


Earn more money by


  • Improving employee morale
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Improving top talent attraction
  • Providing an incentive for your sales team


These workforce cost savings and leveraging of productivity will provide financial advantage to your company.

WSJ,TheExperts(BlogLogo)Sound too good to be true?  Here’s what industry experts say.

Here is a Letter of Recommendation from a satisfied business customer who recently secured this product from Brian, one of our sales associates.


Here is a partial list of Who is Doing Business With Us.



Do you and your company view your employees as representing long- or short-term investments by your company in its future?

(Choose one:)    I presently view my employees as long-term (or) short-term investments in my company’s future.


You are welcome to contact us to explore if and how we might be of assistance to you.  For a private, complimentary consult, you may contact us by e-mail or call us (330-472-2559).  Thank you for your interest!

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