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Challenges Solved

Culture is a business issue.

Human Capital and Business Strategy Alignment

BizCapitalWorkforce re-alignment around clarified strategic goals to improve company profit, adaptability and competitiveness.

CompanyStakeholdersHow do you best support your diverse teams to coordinate their actions effectively around your company’s strategic goals?  We can help you define cultural strengths already in place — and what is missing — to help you to effectively fill in the gaps to meet your broader, strategic goals.  Learn more

Major Change

• Buy-Sell


Business owners planning to sell their enterprise can do so at a higher value by having cost-effectively set the stage for better protection of all key stakeholder interests.  You complete this task by efficiently obtaining a mathematical benchmarking for the people side of your operations, and doing so specifically in regard to your company’s performance.

If you, as potential purchaser, are already convinced that every company’s business culture is both a real and key factor of momentum, profoundly effecting future company performance, for good and for ill, you will perhaps be open to learning what you might require from the seller of an enterprise of interest to you.

•  Turn-arounds and transformations

BusinessTransformationOrganizations of every shape and size, from every industry and sector, can find themselves in a situation where they are in decline in spite of past successes and accomplishments. Jim Collins reminds us in his 2009 book How the Mighty Fall that an organization might find itself significantly down the path of deterioration before it recognizes the extent of its failings. These are organizations in need of a turnaround or transformation – a condition which, if not addressed with sufficient resources in an aggressive time-frame, will result in long-term damage or destruction of the enterprise.  We can help.  Learn more

•  Mergers and acquisitions



M&A activity is at the heart of many growth strategies for organizations. In spite of many stories that we hear about ‘failed’ mergers and acquisitions, M&A remains a common practice and can represent a viable approach. The reason offered most often for the failure of M&As is quite simply – “culture clash!”  We empower you to avoid culture clash!


•  Leadership Transition


Today, leaders seek out our leadership transition solutions to make the most of their first 90 days. Leaders now have much less time to dedicate to ‘assessing’ their situation and must move quickly to setting priorities and taking action.

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•  Culture change

Today, organizations seek our culture change solutions when they want to:

Change•  Assess their change readiness for pending changes in the organization

•  Surface issues that are getting in the way of performance

•  Understand their organizations current culture in order to improve their overall performance.

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Overstretched?Are You Already Over-stretched, Over-burdened, and Over-drawn?

For effective options, click here…

 You are welcome to contact us to explore if and how we might be of assistance to you. 

For a private, complimentary consult, you may contact us by email or call us (330-472-2559).  Thank you for your interest!

“Norman helped me with a situation at work dealing with employee conflict, Norman was very professional and handled the situation achieving results that were satisfying to everyone involved. I would recommend Norman whenever situations come up in the future.”   Ken Lott, O & M Team Leader, City of Akron.


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