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At Business Culture Solutions LLC, we look at business culture in terms of organizational performance and resilience.

As in most areas of living and performance, failure to develop a strong and well-grounded foundation will create automatic limits to the heights and depths to which you can explore, sustain, and perform.PoorFndtnThe same principle applies to company culture and performance.

How well do you provide the necessary maintenance and support to the people side of your business operations, alongside maintenance and support for your business technologies and processes?

KeepEverythingRunningAre you as clear concerning maintenance & support requirements for optimal performance of your people as you are for your company’s technologies and processes?










Can you clearly metric your investments (or lack) in employee maintenance & development, specifically in relation to your company’s competitiveness, adaptability and profit?  Can you do this for your people as well as you do for your technologies and processes?

Mid-market and smaller companies vary widely in terms of quantity and quality of investment in the maintenance & development of their people alongside ongoing investments in maintenance & development of their technologies and processes.

The best performing companies simultaneously invest optimally in the integrated maintenance and development of their people alongside technologies and processes.

  People3-leggedStoolProcesses                        Technologies     

 Basic Culture Foundations =  Prudent Preparations for Sustainability.  What are these?   Read more…

Your workplace culture considerations would do well to include a focus on the structures and processes already in place that support you and your employees to give your best on the job.  It can then also include a consideration of what may be missing.

How do I keep “culture” more top-of-mind, while attending to my typical business interests?

CultureEprimerCoverYou are welcome to request our Business Culture ePrimer.  By requesting and then opting in, you will receive one brief email from us every three weeks describing yet another facet of “business culture” as related to business performance, written in lay terms.  We include informative links if we pique your interest and you want to explore further.  You can, of course, opt out at any time.  Simply sign up using our “ePrimer” sign-up box in the right column of each webpage.

We help you clarify which basics of a strong and resilient workplace culture are already in place and what may need improvement.  Check out our initial, no-obligation, workplace culture discovery option to learn how.

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For more information about why workplace culture may be important for you to think about, click here.


“I worked with Norman and was very impressed by his passion for helping people and his commitment to implement the same practices in his life that he asks his business clients to implement in their business. Norman will do what is right for the business and ensure the interventions recommended are effectively implemented. I recommend Norman without reservation.”  ~Ron Finklestein, President & CEO, AKRIS INC.


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