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Are You “On-Board” Yet? Feed Your Mind!

These are no ordinary times!  Changes and options continue to accelerate geometrically around us!  Are you on-board yet?  If so, we’d love to hear, briefly, in what ways (below)!

What do I mean by “on-board yet”?  This may be difficult to put succinctly into words.  I am speaking about the personal recognition and decision to embrace the rapid changes occurring all around us and consequently also within us, without losing our grounding in what truly matters most.

This is my simple way of stating it.  You may have different words to express your experience these days.  If so, we’d love to hear that, as well (below)!

Feed Your Mind!

I am inviting you to sign up for occasional input from yours truly concerning the challenges and outcomes of “creating workplace cultures of tomorrow today!”  Why?  I believe I will be sharing information that is on the leading-edge of our current understandings of what goes into the creation and maintenance of healthy and vibrant organizations — the kinds of companies you would LOVE to be associated with!  

How do I keep “culture” more top-of-mind, while attending to my typical business interests?

You are welcome to request our — by invitation only — Business Culture ePrimer.  By opting in, you will receive one brief email from us every three weeks describing yet another facet of “business culture” as related to business performance, written in lay terms.  We include informative links if we pique your interest and you want to explore further.  You can, of course, opt out at any time.  Simply include “ePrimer” in your subject line when you click here to request our ePrimer.

Allow me to provide you a brief introduction to this journey by means of an analogy that speaks to the “What?” and to the “What’s In It For You!

Do you know what has driven the extraordinarily powerful results of Modern Physics?   Incredible results have been driven by modern physicists’ insatiable desires to understand AND  harness UNIFYING PRINCIPLES of our physical universe.  In the process, they have unlocked opportunities unimagined before

Similarly, Business Culture Solutions LLC has built its own business practices upon UNIFYING PRINCIPLES of business management uncovered over the past 60 years, and increasingly delivered over the past 30 years by the best industrial & organizational psychologists todayto provide YOU  the means of joining that growing minority of business leaders already unleashing extraordinary performance and simultaneously increasing the equity of their firms!

Leading-edge companies are enhancing their performance and equity by obtaining a more unified understanding and systemized integration of business technologies and processes with their people.

The result can be greater capacity to “do more with less”, by unleashing the human power within the organization alongside — and in more optimal integration with — business processes and technologies.  As with the technical side of operations, the right professional input concerning the people side is key!  Don’t settle for simply amateurish results in this third dimension!  You have too much too lose (and gain!)!  You need all three legs of your business strong and in optimal balance.  No?

To actually do this requires your* participation into a greater understanding and leveraging of your organization’s culture.  ( * Please don’t look around for somebody else. I am directing this message directly to you!)

At Business Cultures Solutions LLC, we empower business leaders to create workplace cultures of tomorrow today.

In my upcoming posts, I will explain more about business “culture” as a UNIFYING THEORY — now backed by experience and empirical evidence of superior results — to which as yet only a minority of leaders are specifically attending to and leveraging for superior results.  We will consider why your gaining greater understanding about your own business culture is strategically more important than ever in today’s economy, who is already taking advantage of these understandings and practices, the results they enjoy, and what you can do to take advantage of these recent advances in business understandings and practice.

Sign-up here for our Business Culture ePrimer.

My very best to you and yours!


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