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A Specialty Boutique Consulting Firm

Business Culture Solutions LLC

Business Culture Solutions LLC is a specialty boutique consulting firm providing out-of-the-ordinary solutions to for-profit business leaders to create more out of what you have, by protecting, nurturing, and, when ready, leveraging to business advantage your central business asset — your own business culture!

From very simple workplace culture invigoration, through step-by-step tools to ensure solid workplace culture foundations are in-place, we empower your constructive understanding and action.  We provide, when you are ready, tools for strategic alignment of your people — your human capital — throughout your company to increase company profit, adaptability and competitiveness.  This can include, under the right circumstances, empowering your teams, starting with leadership, to create a world-class performing company for world-class competitiveness.

In each case, we focus on your company culture in terms of company performance.

Because we are focused on adaptable, long-term performance — not simply short-term  — we incorporate a second key pillar in our workplace culture work, and that second pillar is workforce wellness.

As a specialty boutique consulting firm, key to the high value provided by Business Culture Solutions LLC is our global network of expert colleagues, subject matter specialists upon whom we can call, as needed.

Our clear preference upfront is not to sell products, but to sell accounts based upon what real needs and interests warrant.  We do this by listening, and listening well.  We listen to what is desired, and also to what is truly needed given the circumstances.

By your completing a Business Culture Solutions Discovery Conversation with us, we strive to understand with you the causes and sources of any challenges to be addressed, as well as to clearly understand with you the strengths and limits of building blocks already in place with which to work.  We also consider with you what might be missing.

Based upon this discovery process, we typically offer suggestions as to how to leverage what you already have, but in more effective ways.  As relevant, we may suggest tailored, innovative, and cost-effective products designed to enhance what you are already doing.

It is precisely because your business culture touches virtually everything in your organization, for good and for ill, that Business Culture Solutions LLC maintains an accessible and trustworthy network of diverse human resource, business process, and business technology professionals who can assist in diverse areas as needed.

The same is true if we partner with you to exploit a marketplace opportunity you would like your company to achieve!  By our ability to ask good questions and listen well, upfront, from both a deep and broad perspective, we can empower you to better integrate your people, processes and technology to accomplish your goals.  We do this by empowering you to better understand and tap the latent power in your employees’ relationships with each other and with your strategic business interests.

In summary, Business Culture Solutions LLC focuses with you on your business culture as a driver for increased profit, adaptability, and competitiveness.

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