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How We Work

We typically work with two types of organizations.

  1. Companies that employ between 100 up to 10,000 individuals, or with annual revenues of between $15 million and $15 billion.
  2. Entrepreneurial enterprises nimbly taking advantage of timely circumstances, with or without employees.

Our specialty culture bench-marking products can be used in organizations with as few as 30 individuals.

Our culture invigoration products can be used in companies with as few as ten employees.

We provide company performance products, coaching, and consulting.  

You can sharpen your understanding of the basic differences between methods and outcomes of coaching and consulting by clicking here.

Our product, coaching, and consulting specialties enhance relationships to improve company performance.

Perhaps it might be simply that the introduction of a timely, very attractive, nontraditional voluntary wellness benefit will promote improved employee morale leading to enhanced loyalty and productivity.   Or a new communication or safety technology for more readily connecting the people you want and need to engage on behalf of your company goals.   Or a specific HR function enhanced by a new technological improvement.   All products we make available to you are designed to enhance and improve the effectiveness your people’s relationships as tied to your company’s strategic interests, whether these relationships are to external or internal stakeholders, be they local, regional or global.

Our coaching and consulting specialties include:

Step-by-step basics, with management, to ensure the foundations for a healthy and high-performing workplace culture have been set in-place.

Strategic human capital alignment to achieve specific company goals with clarity, accountability and timeliness.

Major change products:  Improving the people-performance side of business turn-arounds, mergers & acquisitions, and leadership transitions, by engineering alternatives to “culture clash.”

• Low-cost private enterprise buy-sell tools for maximum value to all key stakeholders.

We deliver this coaching and consulting in various ways, depending on client needs, budgets and timelines.

Our principle offerings include:

• Stand-alone organizational consulting, such as promotion of an action learning program among employees to empower effective organization-wide integration of a newly introduced technology or to solve a specific organizational problem.  Or step-by-step establishment of structural and process basics for a strong culture foundation, tailored to specific situations.

Introduction to business savings through business culture invigoration, by means of inherent, “Yes!” nontraditional, voluntary, employee wellness benefits by which employees are able to secure more, through you and at no cost to you, than their money alone (their direct wages) can buy.

Stand-alone leadership coaching, tailored to specific needs and goals.

Culture-based, integrated, leadership coaching & organizational consultation for transformative results.  (Our out-of-the-ordinary Denison® Culture & Leadership Development tools and network come into play here!)

How to begin:

Our clear preference is to start with you and your executive team’s completion of a no-obligation but confidential Business Culture Discovery Conversation.  Dependent upon your level of interest and the nature of your situation, this initial interview will generally take from 30 minutes to two hours.  We will schedule the time necessary to clarify with you the nature and source of challenges you want to solve, and the building blocks already in place to address those challenges and for business development ideas you may wish to pursue.

Only after clearly understanding your situation, can we offer you clear suggestions. This could include referral to other trusted providers, if deemed more advantageous to you and your situation.

We provide out-of-the-ordinary tools and methods for out-of-the-ordinary solutions.

We stand behind our work and welcome your inquiry.

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You may also inquire (privately) by e-mail or by telephone at 330-472-2559.

Thank you for your interest!


“By demonstrating a high level of ethics and values, Dr. Jentner encouraged that in others. He was able to effect positive change by increasing creativity and communication.  . . . Dr. Jentner . . . will bring an excellent work ethic to your employees.” ~Margaret Herring, PCC-S, LICDC, Akron Health Department


“I would describe Dr. Jentner (Norm) as a dedicated, likable, and hard working professional. I’ve discovered, over the last decade, that he is not afraid to tackle projects outside his comfort zone and does so with gusto. He always has a smile and kind words. I appreciate that immensely – you will as well.” ~Jim Jones, Web Analyst, City of Akron.  Worked with Norman at City of Akron


“Dr. Norman Jentner is highly effective communicator. . .  He exhibits great leadership. . .  He is a team player. . . of the finest. . . I have had the opportunity to work along side.”  ~Mark Frisone, C.E.O, Family & Community Services, Inc.

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