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Integrating the Best of Science with Your Personal Treasured Spirituality*ⓒ


 * What will be your positive impact seven generations into our future?


For Triple Bottom-Line Performance, when and where needed.



Working with what and with whom you have, for superior results.ⓒ


Optimal Peak Performance



Bridges to Organizational Culture Advantages

Conflict as Opportunity©

all firmly grounded in

Unwavering Respect.


Include, where needed, the sustainable and long-range evolution of cooperation — even under the most difficult of circumstances.



At Logo-BCS, we ensure you have what you need for agile, transformative, and sustaining performance.


I have known Norman for over 30 years, and have observed him to have a firm commitment to the highest of ethical standards. Norman is able to work with diverse groups of people, and to assist them in working out solutions that satisfy.  Norman maintains non partisanship and keeps the focus on possibilities, not the conflict.

~Peg Watkins.


We coach you through this process.

Sleeping Giant

Wish-Fulfilling Genie

Awaken the “Sleeping Giant” — in you and in your organization!

☞  Examples   ☜

I would describe Dr. Jentner (Norm) as a dedicated, likable, and hard working professional. I’ve discovered, over the last decade, that he is not afraid to tackle projects… with gusto. He always has a smile and kind words. I appreciate that immensely – you will as well.

~Jim Jones, Web Analyst, City of Akron, worked with Norman as part of multi-disciplinary team to streamline employees’ accessibility to in-house EAP services.


BCS IconBusiness Culture Solutions LLC represents a powerful network of expert providers, providing you tailored bridges to personal, team, and organizational culture advantages.





I am impressed with Norm’s insight into business situations and patterns. He has a system of support that I think is intuitive, measurable and exciting. I recommend his expertise to businesses that want a fresh look at challenges they face.

~John Bray, National Federation of Independent Business.


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